Upcoming: stay hungry @ Berlin Britzenale

stay hungry Berlin Britzenale
With Art Ashram (collective), Marina Camargo, Bogomir Ecker, Erik Göngrich, Vanessa Henn, Deborah Jeromin, Kathrin Köster & Yala Juchmann, André Linpinsel, Pätzug / Hertweck, stay hungry (Michel Aniol, Anaïs Edely, János Fodor, Meike Kuhnert, Joachim Schwarz), Matthias Schamp, Sonya Schönberger, Pola Sieverding, Stefania Smolkina, 44flavours (Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle) and Alvaro Urbano.

Curated by Christof Zwiener

stay hungry project space Britzenale Kleingarten


stay hungry Mobile Menu Berlin Britzenale
stay hungry presents:
Pleasure Garden Revamped
& Mobile Menu #11
with works by:
Michel Aniol
Anaïs Edely
János Fodor
Meike Kuhnert
Joachim Schwarz


stay hungry @ Garden no. 32 

Opening: Fr, 06.08.2021 6-10 pm
with a performance for the installation l'Étendue (die Weite) 
by Anaïs Edely at 7:30 pm

(it is requested that no photo and videorecordings are made during the performance)

Sat & Sun, 07. & 08.08.2021: 12-7 pm

3rd Berlin Britzenale
Kleingartenanlage "Morgentau"
Blaschkoallee 52
12359 Berlin-Britz

On the occasion of the 3rd Berlin Britzenale stay hungry is pleased to present the site-specific installation Pleasure Garden Revamped in the allotment garden „Morgentau“ in Berlin-Britz.

Pleasure Garden Revamped was specially conceived for the unusual exhibition space of an allotment garden area. The five participating artists were invited to create in their artistic contributions a revamped version of the historical concept of the pleasure garden with its unique and sometimes absurd elements. The different artistic approaches create a variety of references between the renewed pleasure garden and the allotment garden and thereby enable alternative views and perspectives on the place itself.
Visitors of the garden plot 32 at „Morgentau“ can explore their senses by means of the partially walkable, usable and edible works of the artists that are integrated in the existing garden strucutre and its elements. A resting zone and at the same time a place of encounters emerges and creates space for unforeseen meetings of the visitors with each other.

In this context Pleasure Garden Revamped wants to examine the aspect of recreation for body and soul, which is especially important in a meritocracy and an essential part of the idea of an allotment garden site. At the same time uncomfortable questions are raised about environmental and social issues, that should not remain unnoticed and will be taken up in the artistic contributions as well and are perhaps only recognizable at second glance.

For the 3rd Berlin Britzenale stay hungry's Mobile Menu #11 - Pleasure Cups will be prepared and served in the garden installation and can be enjoyed by visitors on all three exhibition days.
In the course of the future abolition of plastic tableware in the entire allotment garden, stay hungry decided to use the existing plastic tableware stock from the clubhouse as a formal base for 5 site-specific Götterspeise variations for Mobile Menu #11 - Pleasure Cups in order to celebrate the future waiver of disposable crockery at „Morgentau“.

As a prelude and starting point of Pleasure Garden Revamped the performance for the installation l'Étendue (the expanse) by Anaïs Edely will take place on 06.08.2021 at 7:30 pm.