Upcoming: stay hungry @ Kleinwalsertal / Austria

stay hungry project space Relaxercises intervention art Austria Kleinwalsertal Berlin exhibition
stay hungry presents:
26 Relaxercises
@ Kleinwalsertal / Austria
14.-18. August 2019
starting daily 7-9 pm (on view online for 24h)
 with works & contributions by 
Tawan Arun, Niina Lehtonen-Braun, Mischa Doorenweerd, Anais Edely,
János Fodor, Stephan Groß & Alfred Banze, Huisi He, Friedrich Herz, Amelie Jakubek, Philipp Dieter Koch, Daniel Kiss, Lucia Koevoets, Lindenbaum, Mario Margani, Ticiano Marquetti, Eric Meier, Oliver Möst, Andrea Nicolo, Yotaro Niwa, Tatjana Preuss, Matthias Recht,
Linus Riepler, Ulrike Sperling, Oliver Thie, Bettina Weiß, Josh Zielinski
 The exhibition and intervention project can only be seen in our Instagram Stories
for the exhibtion days and afterwards as documentation here on stay hungry
During the exhibition period each contribution will remain visible for 24 hours
on Instagram Story on one of the mentioned exhibition days.
To follow the project live please make sure to join stay hungry on our Instagram account here and check the Instagram Stories
from 14th until 18th of August, starting every day between 7-9pm.


Since 5 years the stay hungry-team is going every August to an annual summer retreat at lovely Kleinwalsertal in Austria to rest for a while from frantic urban lifestyle and refresh the batteries for the last third of the year.
On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of stay hungry project space in June 2019 a special exhibition format was conceived to celebrate in a special way: this time 26 artworks and contributions by 27 former and some new stay hungry artists and participants will go on a travel to Kleinwalsertal in Austria with us.
The exhibition concept for 26 Relaxercises follows the idea of holiday, refreshment, enjoyment, meditation and taking a break from daily life. The interventions will take place in the public space of Kleinwalsertal at several locations  like on a peak, on meadows, on a mountain slope, next to a waterfall, in a cheese factory, on a sandy mountain stream beach, next to a tent, at the bus station, in the supermarket, in a chapel together with cows, lamas or the local postman etc.
The approach is to take one small artwork or contribution by every artist/participant on that journey and create a series of small outdoor exhibitions and interventions over the course of 5 days in the mid of August 2019. Every artwork will be on view for only a few minutes to a few hours and there won't be a classical opening, exhibition period or audience, beside the local people who will join in accidently or become part of some of the works.
In that sense stay hungry would like to enable a relaxing time for the submitted works and contributions in a natural as well as cultural interesting environment to bring them some relief from daily, arty life and pave the way for unforseen encounters with passers-by that can result in new points of view and generate exciting situations.
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